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Galatians [Continued]

[Revelation of Mystery Doctrine to Paul]
17a~~ Neither went I up to Jerusalem
face to face with [pros]
[those who were] Apostles before me.

17b~~But I went into Arabia
and returned again unto Damascus.

[Note: Paul did not ask the other Apostles what to preach either. Instead, Paul's training for the ministry was in the same place and manner of Moses. Moses went out in the desert for 40 years of training and Paul received direct revelation from God. Either Jesus Christ Himself taught Paul directly the same true doctrine or a teaching angel was sent to do so. We do not know how long Paul trained in the desert before he returned to Damascus. All we know is from the next verse, it was three years more before Paul then went to Jerusalem.]

18~~ Thereupon [epeita]
after three years {in Damascus}
I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter [Petros],
and stayed [epimeno]
face to face with [pros] him
for fifteen days.

19~~ But "other of a different kind" [heteros]
of the Apostles
I "saw with my own eyes" [eido]
absolutely none [ouk],
except [ei me]
James, the Lord's brother.

[Note: Of a different kind might refer to Peter's authority. He was one of the leaders now of the Apostles. James, Jesus' half-brother also was now becoming a leader of the Early Church.]

{Start of Paul's message on False teachers feeding the flock non-grace teachings}
20~~ Moreover/Now [de]
the things
  [facts and doctrines becoming part of the Bible]
which I write unto you, behold,
"in the presence of"/before [enopion] God,
I lie absolutely not [ouk].

21~~ Afterwards I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia.

22~~ Moreover [de]
kept on being unknown by face [agnoeo prosopon]
unto the churches of Judea
who were in Christ.

[Note: Remember that Paul had persecuted the early Church (they were called "followers of the Way". They would have feared Paul had they seen him and recognized who he was. They had not yet heard of his moving into the Church Age by faith in Jesus Christ.)]

23~~ Moreover [de]
they had kept on hearing only
that the one having persecuted us
in times past
now preaches the doctrine/faith [pistis]
which once he destroyed.

24~~ And [kai]
they kept on glorifying/"giving the glory to" God
with/in/by [en] me!

{Note: This is reason for learning bible doctrine. Paul learned to imitate Jesus Christ. By learning and applying divine viewpoint, Jesus Christ was glorified IN HIM. We are then instructed to also imitate Paul . . . as he imitated Christ! This also glorifies God in US.}

{Note: The purpose of this Chapter was to demonstrate the grace of God! How miraculous was the grace of God to take the greatest sinner of ALL TIME - Paul - and make him the greatest teacher of doctrine and the greatest mature believer in the Church Age.}

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