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Chapter 1 (Continued)

{Verses 15-23: The First Apostolic Prayer/
  The Dynamics of 'protasis'' (Plan of God)}

{Good news from Asia Received by Paul}
15-16~~ Because of this
  {because of the plan of God}
I also,
having heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus,
and the agape love toward all the saints 16~~
I do not cease to
'make a matter of thanksgiving'/'give thanks'
on your behalf
and 'producing memory'/'making mention' {of you}
by my prayers.

{Note: Agape is a mental attitude love. The love is directed, in this case, toward other believers . . . who are called "saints." It means no mental attitude sins toward other believers in their periphery. It also means recognition of privacy of other believers. It means, when necessary, friendliness toward other believers . . . courtesy . . . and positive toward doctrine . . . with the constant intake. It also means to have respect for other people, and that means that you do not have to agree or disagree, that you have to make any kind of an overt showing. It means that you give other people the benefit of the doubt at all times.}

{Content of Paul's Prayer for the Recipients of the Epistle}
17~~ In order that
the God of our Lord Jesus Christ
the Father of glory {doxa}
may give unto you all
- to your advantage -
a {human} spirit of wisdom
  {sophia - doctrine in the spirit/soul}
even from the source of the revelation
by means of epignosis knowledge
from the source of Him . . .

{Note: Doxa means Glory and is the purpose of phase II . . . to bring Glory to the Lord in time. Glory is used for the essence of God. And Jesus Christ was called the Shekinah Glory in the Old Testament. 'Glory' is also used for the Edification Complex of the soul. The right woman is the Glory of the man. Grace of God is described as Glory above in verse 6. The provision of God's Grace is called the wealth of His Glory also above in verse 7.}

{Note: Sophia is epignosis doctrine in the human spirit.}

18~~{I also pray that}
'the eyes' of your heart/'right lobe'
having become enlightened
  {doctrine in your soul}
for the purpose that
you all may have permanent knowledge
what is the hope/'absolute confidence'
of His election/calling,
and the riches
from the source of the glory
of His inheritance
in the sphere of the saints
  {all believers - set apart to God}.

19~~And what . . . {is}
the surpassing magnitude/'greatness in quality' {dunamis}
of His inherent power/omnipotence {energeia}
toward/upon us {God's Plan} . . .
the believing ones {believers only}
according to norm of the 'operational power'
  {God the Holy Spirit's responsibility}
of the ruling power {kratos}
  {doctrine in the bible}
of His inner power {ischus}
  {doctrine in the soul}.

{Note: 4 words for 'power in this sentence:

  1. Dunamis- inherent power of God - God's Perfect Plan and ability to execute

  2. Energeia- operational power of God - God the Holy Spirit as our Paraclete

  3. Kratos- ruling power of God - doctrine in the bible

  4. Ischus- inner power of God - bible doctrine in the believer's soul}

20~~Which {operational power}
had been operational
  {from eternity past}
in Christ
  {the center of God's Plan}
having raised Him {Christ}
out from the dead,
and having seated/enthroned Him {Jesus Christ}
at His (God the Father) own right hand
in the heavenlies.

{Superiority of Jesus Christ in His Resurrected Body over the Angels}
21~~'Over above'/superior
to principalities
  {all 'super angels' -the leaders}
and 'powers'/'authorities'
  {commissioned officers of the angels}
and 'mighty'/'gifted'
  {angels with fantastic abilities}
and 'authoritative'
  {ruling angels - fallen angels who can control world rulers}
and 'every named'/'rank and file fallen angels'
  {angel with a reputation}
not only in this age {Church Age}
but also in the one that is about to come {Millennium}.

22~~And {God the Father}
has subordinated
all {angels in context}
under His {Jesus} feet/footstool
and gave/appointed Him {Jesus}
to be the Absolute Sovereignty
over and above all
with reference to the church.

23~~Which {church}
is of such a quality
to be His {Jesus} body,
the fullness/fulfillment {pleroma}
of the One {Jesus}
being filled/fulfilled
with reference to all {believers}
by means of all {SuperGrace Blessings}.

{Note: Pleroma does mean fullness. RBT has used it to mean all spiritually mature believers in the Church Age. 'All the Fullness from God'. All here refers to SuperGrace blessings - Greater Escrow Blessings in Time and Eternity Future.} 


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