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The gospels were written by 4 men discussing the same topic (the incarnation of Christ), but from 4 different points of view and they emphasize different areas. Matthew presents Jesus Christ as Messiah the King - events are presented in chronological order. Luke presents Jesus Christ as the 'Son of Man' - the ideal Man and is presented in logical order. Mark presents Jesus as the Servant of the Father. And, John presents Jesus Christ as the Eternal Son of God - emphasizing the deity of Christ.

The Recipients of the 'good news' (gospel) were also different. Matthew was written to the Jews and was written in Aramaic or the Hebrew of the time. Mark was written to the Romans. Luke was written to the Gentiles. And, John was written to everyone.

The divine author is God the Holy Spirit. The human author was Doctor Luke who also wrote the book of Acts.

Chapter 1

{Explanatory Preface}
1-4``Foreasmuch as it is well known and a fact of importance
that many have undertaken to draw up in its historical sequence
a narrative of events concerning which there has been a wide
diffusion of knowledge among us, 2``
even as they delivered them to us for safekeeping,
those who from the beginning were personal witnesses
of and ministered the Word, 3``
it seemed good to me also,
having traced the course of all things
from the beginning in the minutest detail,
to write to you in a consecutive order,
Your Excellency, Theophilas, 4``
in order that you may come to have
a 'full and accurate experiential knowledge' {epiginosko}
concerning the undoubted truth of the matters/Words {logos}
in which you were instructed.

{Birth Announcement of John the Herald/Baptist}
5``There arose in the days of Herod king of Judea,
a certain priest named Zechariah/Zacharias
of the class of priests
whose time of service was designated by the name of Abia.

And his wife was of the daughters of Aaron,
and her name was Elizabeth.

6`` And, they were righteous {dikaios}
both of them, before God,
following all the commandments
and ordinances of the Lord blamelessly.

7``Also they had no child,
because Elizabeth was barren,
and they were both very old.

8-9``Now it came to pass,
while he {Zechariah} was discharging his duties
as priest in the fixed succession of his appointed
time of service before God
according to the custom of the office of priest, 9``
as a result of casting lots it fell to his lot to burn incense,
having gone into the inner sanctuary of the Lord.

10`` Now the whole crowd of people
kept on praying outside
at the hour of the incense offering.

11``And, there appeared to him {Zechariah}
an angel/messenger of the Lord,
having stood on the right side
of the altar {thusiasterion} of incense {thumiama}.

12``And Zechariah was troubled when he saw the angel,
and 'fear fell on him' {was seized with fear}.

13-17``But the angel said face to face with him,
"Do not be afraid, Zechariah,
because {dioti} your prayer has been heard,
and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son.

You will call his name John
  {Ioannes - the future John the Herald/Baptizer - 'John the Baptist'
  was more appropriately 'John the Herald of the King'}. 14``
And, will be joy and gladness for you,
and many will rejoice at his birth 15^~
For he {John the Herald}
will keep on being great
in the sight of the Lord,
he will drink neither wine nor whiskey.

Furthermore, he will be filled with the Holy {hagios} Spirit {pneuma}
'out from' {ek} his mother's womb. 16``

He will 'turn back'/'cause the return'
many of the 'small children' {huios} of Israel
  {huios - used for a 'baby' meaning no spiritual growth}
to the Lord their God. 17``

And he will go before Him {as the Herald to the King}
in the spirit
  {pneuma - enduement of God the Holy Spirit (this is not yet the
  Church Age - no indwelling of God the Holy Spirit)}
and power {dunamis} of Elijah,
to turn the 'right lobes'/hearts {thinking part of the soul}
of the fathers
back to their 'children learning under authority'
  {teknon - used for people learning doctrine and growing in spiritual
and the disobedient ones {apeithes}
to the 'divine viewpoint'/'objective thinking' {phronesis}
of the just/righteous {dikaios},
to make ready for the Lord
a people furnished/prepared {kataskeuazo}."

{Note: John did baptize people but his main function was to act as a herald announcing the arrival of the King of kings. His job was to prepare/furnish the people with doctrine.}

18``Then Zechariah said face to face with the angel,
"How can I come to know {ginosko}
{for sure about } this?

For I keep on being an old man,
and my wife/woman {gune}
is 'well advanced' {probaino}
in her days {meaning is of old age}."

19``The angel/messenger {aggelos}
'had an answer for'/'gave a discerning answer
from the ultimate source of himself to' {apokrinomai} him,
"I keep on being Gabriel
  {an very high ranking archangel - along with Michael},
'having stood ready' {paristemi}
in the presence of God;
and 'have been sent on a mission under His authority' {apostello}
to speak {laleo} face to face {pros} with you
and to bring you this 'good news'/gospel {euaggelizo}."

{Note: The word answered is 'apokrinomai'. It is a compound
verb . . . a preposition from the ultimate source . . . giving a discerning answer based on knowledge. Krino means: 'to judge'. Krinomai means: 'to be discerning in an answer'. Thus, the full meaning of 'apokrinomai' is: "to give a discerning answer from the ultimate source of ones self."}

20``"But/and {kai} now,
because {anti} you did not believe {pisteuo} my words,
which will be fulfilled {pleroo - to fill up a deficiency}
in their own time {kairos},
you will be silent {siopao}
and 'unable to speak'/'without the power to speak',
until the day these things
'take place'/'become what they were not' {ginomai}."

1:21`` Now {kai} the people were waiting {prosdokao}
for Zechariah,
and they began to wonder {thaumazo}
at his delay {chronizo}
in the temple {naos}.

1:22`` Now {kai} when he came out {exerchomai},
he was absolutely not {exerchomai}
able/'lacked the power' {dunamai}
to speak to them.

They realized/'had higher knowledge' {epiginosko}
that he had seen a vision in the holy place,
because he was making signs to them
and remained unable to speak.

1:23-25``And it came to pass
that when the days of his sacred service were fulfilled
he went off to his home.

And after these days, 24``
Elizabeth, his wife 'became pregnant'/conceived,
and she kept herself at home in seclusion for five months,
saying, 25``
"In this manner to me the Lord has done in the days
when He looked upon me
to take away my disgrace/reproach among men."

{Birth Announcement of Jesus the Messiah}
26``Now, in the sixth month,
the angel Gabriel was 'sent on a mission' {apostello}
'under the authority of'/by God
to a town of Galilee called Nazareth, 1:27``
to a virgin engaged/'promised in marriage'
to a man whose name was Joseph, a descendant of David.

And the virgin's name was Mary.

1:28``And having come to her,
the angel {Gabriel} said,
"Be rejoicing . . .
because you have been encompassed with favor!

The Lord is with you!"

1:29``But she was greatly perplexed at this statement,
and kept pondering what sort of 'exotic greeting' {aspasmos}
this could be.

1:30``So the angel {Gabriel} said to her,
" 'Stop fearing'/'Do not be afraid', Mary,
for you have found grace {charis} from God.

1:31``And look now,
you shall conceive in your womb and you shall give birth to a son,
and you must call his name 'Jesus'.

1:32`` This One will be great,
and will be called the 'Son of the Most High'.

And the Lord God will give Him the throne of his father David.

1:33``And, He will reign over the house of Jacob forever,
and of His kingdom there will be no end."

1:34``But Mary said to the angel {Gabriel},
"How will this be . . . since I have absolutely not {ouk}
'had sexual relations with'/
'had an experiential knowledge of' {ginosko} a man?"

1:35`` The angel had an answer for her {apokrinomai},
"The Holy Spirit will come upon you,
and the power of the Most High will
'cast a shadow over'/overshadow {episkiazo} you.

Therefore the 'holy' that is being begotten
will be called 'the Son of God'.

1:36`` "And, behold, your relative Elizabeth
has also become pregnant with a son in her old age;
and she who was called barren is in her sixth month.

1:37``For with God, nothing keeps on being impossible."

1:38``So Mary said, "Look now, I am a woman servant of the Lord . . let this happen to me according to your word."

Then the angel departed from her.

{Mary and Elizabeth}
1:39``And having arisen,
Mary in these days
went on her way into the hill country . . .
with haste to a town of Judah.

1:40``And she entered the home of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth.

1:41`` And it came to pass,
that when Elisabeth heard Mary's greeting,
the fetus {of John the Baptist}
moved about in her womb
and Elisabeth was filled with the Spirit.

1:42`` She exclaimed with a loud cry,
"Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the offspring of your womb!

1:43`` And why is this granted me,
that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

1:44`` For behold,
when the sound of your greeting reached my ears,
the fetus moved in my womb . . . in the sphere of joy.

1:45`` And 'blessed {is}'/
'spiritually prosperous {is}'/'happinesses {to}' {makarios} . . .
she who believed
because there would be a fulfillment
of what was said to her from the Lord."

{Mary's Hymn of Praise}
1:46-49`` And Mary said,
"My soul {psuche} magnifies the Lord, 1:47 ``
and my spirit {pneuma}
has begun to rejoice in God my Savior, 1:48``
for He has looked upon the humble position/state
of His woman servant.

For take note,
from now on all generations
will call me blessed/'spiritually prosperous' . . . 1:49``
for He Who is mighty
has done great things for me . . .
and holy is His Name."



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