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Romans was written by the Apostle Paul to the Christians in Rome in circa 58 AD. The book of Romans is the story of the Adjustment to the Justice of God in all of its facets, in all of its aspects. The book of Romans was written for the purpose of getting your attention . . . to get your UNDIVIDED attention and FULL concentration. It is a book teaching you, the reader, how to become grace oriented and grace functioning as a person in life.

When you become adjusted to the justice of God, everything else in life will fall into line. The book of Romans explains to us that it is God's justice that provides the mechanics of all blessings, and discipline of grace toward mankind. The important doctrines to master from this book are:
* Adjustment to the Justice of God
* The Grace of God
* The Essence of God

The book of Romans, along with the book of Proverbs are books teaching common sense. Finally, the last half of Romans teaches us to apply doctrines to our experiences in life.

Chapter 1
{Out-Line: Chapter 1 - Maladjustment to the Justice of God}
{Verses 1-13 -- Introduction/Salutation}
1-6~~Paul, a slave/servant {doulos} of Jesus Christ . . .
called {to be} an apostle
through having been appointed
because of the gospel from God . . .2~~
which {gospel} He, Himself {God the Father},
had previously promised through His prophets
in the Holy Writings {Old Testament} . . . 3~~
concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord . . .
Who was born from the seed/sperm belonging to David
according to the flesh . . . 4~~
'marked out'/declared {horizo} the Son of God . . .
by means of power {dunamis} according to the Holy Spirit . . .
by means of the resurrection from the deaths . . .
  {spiritual and physical death on the cross}
Jesus Christ our Lord . . . 5~~ . . .
through Whom {the resurrected Christ}
we have received grace and apostleship
for the purpose of obedience to doctrine
  {maturity adjustment to the justice of God
  through the daily function of GAP}
among the Nations/Gentiles {Roman Empire}
for the sake of His Person/Name/Reputation {glory} . . . 6~~
among whom {Gentiles} you are also
the privileged/called/invited/elected {kletos} of Jesus Christ.

{Note: Doulos is Greek for a slave or servant. All communicators of the Word are slaves of the Perfect Master - the Lord Jesus Christ.}

{Note: Horizo means to mark out or declare. It means Jesus Christ accepted the authority of God the Father in Eternity Past and at that time, it was decreed that He would come in the flesh - in Hypostatic Union . . . the 1st Advent.}

{Note: Dunamis means power. Here it refers to the manifestation of the supernatural power of God the Holy Spirit . . . the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit . . . Who sustained Jesus during His 1st Advent.}

{Note: GAP stands for 'Grace Apparatus for Perception'. GAP is a grace system provided by God in eternity past whereby every believer is able to make the maturity adjustment to the justice of God. No matter how smart or dumb you are, you can learn doctrine to advance spiritually through grace.}

{Note: Kletos = invited/ called/ elected to privilege (Rev. 17:14) a privileged people; a royal family through regeneration. Christ was elected to privilege from eternity past and we share his election. We have the privilege of royalty and a function of royalty.}

7~~To all who are in Rome,
dearly beloved by God
'saints'/'set apart to God'/'people of royalty' {aristocracy},
grace to you
and so prosperity
from God our Father,
and the Lord Jesus Christ.

{Note: This is written to Roman citizens, Roman believers in Jesus Christ.}

8~~First, I thank my God
through Jesus Christ
for all you {Romans}
because your faith
  {doctrinal perception - leading to the maturity adjustment to the
  justice of God, under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit}
is celebrated/proclaimed/
'become famous' through out the whole world.

9-10~~ For the God . . .
Whom I continue to serve with my spirit . . .
by means of the Gospel . . .
with reference to His Son . . .
is my witness -
how habitually [adialeiptos]
  [means to pray with the rapidity of a hacking cough]
I have made mention of you . . . 10~~
always in my prayers . . .
when offering a petition
that is - if somehow at last I will succeed . . .
by the Will of God . . .
to come face to face with all of you .

11~~For I am longing to see you,
that I may share with you
something of importance
from my spiritual gift {charisma} . . .
with the result that you might be stabilized
  {through mature adjustment to the justice of God}.

{Note: Charisma means spiritual gifts. It is literally something that is freely and graciously given and is a reference to the spiritual gift of communication as an apostle/Pastor-teacher. In context here, it is the gift bestowed to Paul from God the Holy Spirit at the point of Salvation on the Damascus Road. But spiritual gifts of communication are no good without preparation/study and training.}

12~~ 'That is'/'But this must be added to the purpose'
to receive encouragement together with you
through the doctrine {that which is believed}
in each other . . . both yours and mine.

13~~Moreover, I do not wish to have you ignorant, brethren,
that frequently I intended to come face to face with you,
but was forbidden until now {so he has reason to write this epistle}
for the objective that
I might also begin to have some production among you,
as also among other Gentiles.

{Note: There are basic doctrines, transitional doctrines, and mature doctrines. The basic problem with the Roman church was ignorance of transitional doctrines. That is in view here.}

{Verses 14-17: Mental Attitude Toward Maladjustment}
{Verses 14-16 - The 3 "I am's"}
14~~I am debtor {opheiletes}
both to the civilized,
and to the Uncivilized
  {barbarians - you owe the gospel to ALL unbelievers} . . .
both to the wise {sophos - mature believer},
and to the unwise {anoetos - reversionistic believer}.

{Note: Opheiletes is an obligation based on a sense of honor. From that sense of honor, comes a sense of duty or responsibility toward others . . . a sense of honor is directed toward God; and a sense of responsibility directed toward people. This is one of the dynamics of how doctrine changes history. With Paul's spiritual gift of teaching, he has a sense of responsibility toward unbelievers and born again believers.}

{Note: Sophos is in the dative of advantage, dative of indirect object, and masculine plural. It refers to a believer who has made the maximum adjustment to the justice of God through daily in-take of doctrine - all the way through to SuperGrace A, B and UltraSuperGrace. To describe maximum adjustment and its benefit/interests/advantage to crack the maturity barrier and to keep on having doctrine, takes doctrine to maintain maturity status and to advance from SuperGrace A and B on to UltraSuperGrace.}

{Note: "Anoetos" = dative of disadvantage; ignorant believer; reversionistic believer in maladjustment to the justice of God; lack of spiritual progress; foolish/unintelligent = ignorant of doctrine; intellectually and ethically ignorant of God's Plan; maladjustment.}

15~~ So, as much as in me is,
I am ready
to preach the good doctrine/gospel to you
that are at Rome also.

16~~ For I am not ashamed
of the gospel/good news
regarding salvation,
to anyone who believes in Christ,
both to the Jew foremost - first in privilege -
and likewise to the Gentile/Greek.

{Moving from Salvation to Spiritual Growth by means of Doctrine}
17~~For by the same gospel
the righteousness/justice/dikaiosune belonging to God
is revealed from faith {'ek pistis'}
to doctrine {'eis pistis'} . . .
as it is written in the past with the result
that it remains forever {Habakkuk 2:4}
'But the righteous/just/'maturely adjusted one' {dikaios}
shall live by means of doctrine/faith/'faithfulness
to doctrine' {'ek pistis'}

{Note: Pistis usually means 'faith' or 'what is believed - doctrine' . . . and has many related meaning. Here we have 'ek pistis' meaning 'from faith' or 'by means of faith/doctrine' which is referring to the adjustment to the justice/righteousness of God at the point of salvation. Then we have 'eis pistis' which means 'to doctrine' which is the maturity adjustment to the justice/righteousness of God.}

{Note: Dikaios is a nominative - an adjective - and means just or righteous. Dikaiosune is a noun and means the state of righteousness or justice and much more. Dikaiosune really means 'total fulfillment of spiritual maturity - 'to fulfill one's duty before God'. There is a crown for those who reach and hold this state - crown of dikaiosune. Therefore dikaios more fully the 'maturely adjusted one'.}

{Verses 18-23: History of Maladjustment to the Justice and Righteousness of God}
18~~For the 'just anger' {orge} from God
is being revealed from heaven
against all non-godliness/heathenism
  {those who think or act not adjusted to God} {asebeia}
and anti-justice/unrighteous {adikia} of mankind . . .
of those who suppress/'hold down'/imprison the truth
  {in view is the salvation part of doctrine}
through anti-justice/unrighteousnesses {adikia}.

{Note: Orge means anger. When applied to God, it connotes a 'just anger' - one that protects from evil. One form of anger is a sin. The type of anger here represents divine anger toward the ungodly and is the justice and righteousness about to come down on the ungodly. There is no sin in God and for God to deliver give just punishment is not a sin.}

{Note: In the Greek syntax there is an 'a' alpha privative which takes a word and makes it negative. Sebeia means to worship or have respect for God. So asebeia means to not worship or have respect for God. Dikia means to be just or righteous. So adikia means to be unjust or unrighteous.}

{Verses 19-20: Issue of God Consciousness}
19~~ Because what is known about the God
is revealed/conspicuous/clear/'well known'
in them {God consciousness is made clear in all humans} . . .
for the God has revealed Himself to them.

20~~For, since the creation of the world,
His invisible attributes are clearly perceived . . .
being understood through the things He has created . . .
namely both His eternal power
and His divine essence . . .
so that they {the human race}
are without excuse/defense {before God}.

{Now Issue of Gospel Hearing}
21~~Because when they knew God
they did not honor . . . {Him/Christ} as God,
  {negative at the point of gospel hearing}
nor did {they} feel obligated to thank Him.
In fact, {as a result of their negative volition},
they received worthless ideas
in their evil deliberations.
And their ignorant right lobe/heart
received darkness {blackout of the soul}.

22~~Although they claim to be wise {arrogance},
they became fools/saltless/insipid.

23~~And they exchanged the glory {doxa}
of the incorruptible/immortal God
for an image in the form of
corruptible/mortal mankind {body will return to dust},
and birds and quadrupeds, and reptiles.

{Note: Doxa translated 'glory' really means the 'sum total of the divine attributes of God. All that God is - His total essence - sovereignty, righteousness, justice, love, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, veracity, immutability, eternal life, etc.}

{Note: Many 'religions' take emperors (the Caesars) and 'make them gods'. Other religions worship birds, elephants, snakes, on and on. None of these are God. See Jeremiah for more on idolatry, though let me warn you, it will 'hurt your tender ears'. God the Holy Spirit spoke through Jeremiah in very explicit Hebrew about the vile/pure evil Phallic Cult.}

{Verses 24-28: Three Adjustments Of Maladjustment}
24~~Therefore {because of heathenism or unbeliever reversionism}
the God delivered them over in the lusts of their 'right lobes'/heart {to immoral status, alienation from God through maladjustment}
that their bodies
might be degraded among themselves
  {unnatural sex - explained in next verses}.

25~~They {the reversionist},
who exchanged the doctrine/Truth of God,
for the lie {the pseudo-truth of Satan which we call evil}.
They both worship and serve the creature
  {Satan - either himself or his evil ideas}
rather than the Creator {Jesus Christ} . . .
Who keeps on being blessed forever,
Amen/'I believe it'.



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