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(aka Revelation)

John wrote this epistle during his imprisonment of the island of Patmos in circa 96 AD. This is really a history book. It declares the history of the world from 96 AD to the end of time. It was NOT written to satisfy morbid curiosity, but to delineate the role of the Church (Royal Family of God) in the field of historical impact. Revelation also reveals the disastrous nature of history prior to the Second Advent of Christ.

The Church Age is the dispensation of NO prophecy. The next prophetically event is the Rapture of the Church which will end the Church Age. It can come tomorrow or in a billion years. No man knows when the Rapture {ex-anastasis} will occur. The Book of Revelation is like 'Union Station'. Many of the prophecies of the Old Testament are explained in Revelation.

In circa 70 AD John came to the Roman Province of Asia (Western Turkey today) where he became the pastor of the Church in Ephesus and the non-resident pastor of 6 more specific churches listed in Chapter 1:11. Paul called John the 'son of thunder' so he was a forceful speaker. James, his brother was one of the first martyrs of the Church. John's father owned a huge fishing industry and we know John traveled in the highest circles of Jerusalem and was from a wealthy background. John lived to be very old and may have exceeded 100 years. He was the last of the Apostles to die. When he put the period on the last Amen, the canon of scripture was complete.

Chapter 1
{Jesus Christ is the key to History and Prophecy - Chapter 1}
{Introduction to the Apocalypse - verses 1-8}
{Title and human author verses 1-2}
1~~ The apocalypse/revelation {apokalupsis - (singular)}
of Jesus Christ . . .
which {Patent of Royalty} The God {God the Father}
has given to Him {Jesus}
to make known to his slaves {Church Age believers} . . .
things {doctrines} which must soon {chronologically} take place.
Furthermore, He {the Glorified Christ} communicated this message   having sent it through His angel {a teaching angel}
to His servant/slave, John.

{Note: Apokalupsis means revelation or disclosure of truth and is transliterated 'the Apocalypse' - the historical and eschatological (future things) revelation of Jesus Christ. The book is written in chronological sequence, but there is no indication of how long 'soon' will actually be.}

{Note: Patent of Royalty. The First Advent and Cross was the strategic victory of the Angelic Conflict - now history. The Second Advent will be the tactical victory of Jesus Christ - now eschatological.}

{Human Author}
2~~Who {John} made a deposition {in writing}
about everything to which he {John} was an eyewitness . . .
namely to the word/doctrine given by God
and the testimony given by Jesus Christ.

3~~HAPPY . . . {is} he
who exegetically teaches and
they who keep hearing/concentrating
on the words/doctrines of this prophecy {Book of Revelation} . . . and who keep preserving/ guarding/paying attention
to those things which have been written in it
for the time {for discernment/application} is near.

{Note: There are special blessings or happinesses to those who properly teach Revelation and for those who listen and concentrate on what is taught. Next, to apply the doctrine taught you must discern what is being taught. This blessing is one of seven mentioned in Revelation. This blessing is in relation to Gate 4 of the Divine Dynasphere - the Motivation Gate.

For the other special blessings in Revelation, there are:

Revelation 14:13 - For those who die in the Tribulation, Special dying grace

Revelation 16:15 - For mature believers in the Tribulation who are aware of the 2nd Advent

Revelation 19:09 - For those who attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Revelation 20:06 - For those believers who take part in the 1st Resurrection

Revelation 22:07 - For those who keep the content of Revelation

Revelation 22:14 - For those who guard/keep His mandates}

4~~ John to the seven churches which are in Asia.
GRACE be unto you, and PROSPERITY
from the ultimate source of Him {Jesus}
Who is {Jesus in the Hypostatic Union} and
He Who was/'always existed' {as Eternal God} and
Who is to come {2nd Advent Reign of Christ on Earth} and
from the 'seven Spirits' {per Isaiah Chapter 11:2 - see below}
Who are before His throne {available to us also as believers}.

{Note: The Greek 'Ioannes' can be translated John or Jock. It refers to the writer, the Apostle John. 'To the seven churches is in the dative of possession so John is writing to those churches for which he is their pastor. Asia was a Proconsuler province of Rome at this time.}

{Note: The Greek syntax indicates we are still looking at Jesus Christ when discussing the 'seven spirits'. These are 'seven spirits' Christ has in Him in His Hypostatic Union per the prophecy of Isaiah Chapter 11 1:2. It refers to God the Holy Spirit that indwells Christ in the Hypostatic Union . . . plus the power system of the prototype Divine Dynasphere.}

{SideNote: Isaiah Chapter 11: 1-2
The Seven Spirits of Revelation Chapter 1:4 - verses 1:2
11:1~~ And there shall come forth
a shoot/rod {1st Advent of Christ}
out of the stump {Israel at its lowest point}
of Jesse {Father of David} and
a Branch {one of the titles of the Messiah - why Palms are cut down on Palm Sunday} shall grow out of his roots and bear fruit.

11:2~~ And

  {1} the Spirit of the Lord {God the Holy Spirit}
shall rest upon Him . . .

  {2} the spirit of wisdom {application of doctrine} and

  {3} understanding {perception of doctrine} . . .

  {4} the spirit of counsel {Plan/purpose - residence and function in Divine Dynasphere} and

  {5} virtue {Principal of the Christian way of life} . . .

  {6} the spirit of knowledge {objective reality, insight, intelligence, wisdom, and understanding historical trends} and

  {7} {the spirit of} respect/honor directed toward God {God the Father}.}


{Subject of the Book of Revelation - Purpose of the Church Age Believer - 'To Him . . .'}
5-6a~~And from Jesus Christ
the Dependable Witness {inspiring faith and trust}
the FIRSTBORN from the dead also,
the 'Ruler' of the Kings of planet Earth.
To Him {Jesus} Who has loved us {impersonal love for ALL mankind},
andhas released/liberated us from our sins
by means of His blood . . . 6a~~ and
He has provided/'brought about' for us {believers}
a Royal Power {Divine Dynasphere}
to function as Priests to God . . . even His Father.
To Him {Jesus} belongs the GLORY and the RULING POWER {sovereignty} forever and ever
  {idiom - literally the age of the ages}.

6b~~Amen/'I believe it'.

{Note: FIRSTBORN means that Jesus was the first to receive his resurrection body. The Church/Bride of Christ will be next. Old Testament Saints come later. In fact, Moses and Elijah have a future ministry discussed later in Revelation. At the 2nd Advent, Jesus will be the ruler of all the kings of the earth superceding Satan.}

{Jesus Christ - the Key to Prophecy}
7~~BEHOLD {remember/consider},
He {Jesus} is coming with clouds and then
every eye {entire population of earth} shall see Him
including everyone
who has pierced Him {all unbelievers 'pierced' Jesus} and
all the tribes of the land {re-gathering of Israel}
will grieve about/over Him.
And so it shall be! Amen/'I believe/acknowledge it'.

{Note: Clouds are used literally and figuratively in the Bible. Here it is figurative and refers to a large army or masses of people. It refers to the believers that return to Earth with Christ at the 2nd Advent - Ezekiel 30:3; Ezekiel 34:12; and Joel 2:1-2.}

{Note: 'Every eye will see Him' is a dogmatic statement of fact. Old Testament verses tell us that this will be a supernatural darkness that falls over the entire Universe. The only light that will be seen will be the shining Glory of Jesus Christ - Zechariah 12:4; Isaiah 5:30: Isaiah 13:9-10; Isaiah 60:2; and Ezekiel 32:7-8}

{Note: 'Everyone who pierced him' is a reference to Jewish unbelievers in Zechariah 12:10. By extension, here it probably includes all unbelievers alive at the 2nd Advent.}

{Hanukkah or Holocaust - Jesus Christ is the key to History}
8~~"I {Jesus} am
The Alpha {Alpha Glory - Glory of Christ as Eternal God} and
The Omega {The Glory of Jesus as the God-Man/Hypostatic Union},"
proclaims the Lord,
"Who is,
Who was, and
Who is to come . . .
the Total Ruler {Almighty God}."

{The Occasion of the Apocalypse - verses 9-11}
9~~ I . . . John . . . your fellow believer and
partner/'joint participator' in pressures/sufferings and
the kingdom and perseverance
in Jesus Christ
came to be on the isle
the one being called Patmos
because of the Word of God and
the testimony concerning Jesus Christ {I John 5:5-12}.

{Note: The Emperor of Rome - Domitian - personally banished John to the island of Patmos instead of executing him, which would make him a martyr and might cause an uprising.}

10-11~~I was in the Spirit {filled with the Spirit}
on the day belonging to Lord {a Sunday}, and
I heard behind me a loud voice . . .
like the sound of a trumpet
  {represents alertness regarding historical trends} . . . 11~~
which said, "What you see, write in a book/scroll {biblion},
and send it to the seven churches {ekklesia}:
to Ephesus, and
to Smyrna, and
to Pergamus/Pergamum, and
to Thyatira, and
to Sardis, and
to Philadelphia, and
to Laodicea."

{Note: A trumpet was a sign of an event happening - beginning of an army battle - or a sign of a change to happen. Symbolically says to 'be alert'! 'Manifest destiny' had come to Rome. This is when the Industrial Complex of a nation (led by middle-class people) overcomes the Landed Aristocracy and the open frontier - then a nation will experience great prosperity.}

{Note: These seven churches will carry the Roman Empire for a century. The Capitol of Christianity at this time is at Ephesus. And the church of Smyrna had the most 'spiritually mature' believers - the pivoters.}

{Note: KJV has added phrases in verse 11 not in the original manuscripts here - but the info is in other verses - just was duplicated here in error.}

{Note: Biblion is the Greek word for scroll or book and from it we get Bible.}

{Note: These are the seven churches mentioned earlier as recognizing John as their pastor-teacher. By the way, the greatest think tank of the world at that time was a 25-mile coastal area in 'Asia' called Ionia. This is where most of these churches were located.}

{The Persona of the Apocalypse - verses 12-20}
12~~And I turned around
to see the voice that was speaking with me.
And when I had turned around,
I saw the seven golden lamp-stands
  {seven branched menorah -the seven churches}.

{Note: The turning around to look at the speaker represents John's positive volition to the Word and his good manners. This is the first of three visions John will have in this Chapter.}

{Note: See the lamp-stand in the tabernacle - as discussed in Zechariah 4:2. Exodus 25:31-40 is where it is first described. That lamp-stand is called a 'menowrah' in the Hebrew and we transliterate menorah . . . and it was the only light permitted in the Holy of Holies. The central branch represents the Lord Jesus Christ in his prototype Divine Dynasphere. The six other branches represents Church Age believers in union with Christ - retroactive and current positional truth. There are three elements to the lamp-stand. The oil represents the believer functioning in the Divine Dynasphere. The lighted wick represents God's functional virtue directed toward mankind. And, Gold is a symbol of Deity and represents the Divine Dynasphere of God - the key to the Christian Way of life - residing in the Divine Dynasphere.} 



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