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This epistle was written in circa 67 AD. It was written by an unknown writer proving the principal that it is the Word not the human author that is important. The writer had a strong classical Greek background. Hebrews is written in a mixture of Classical Greek and Koine Greek. The mixture called Patristic Greek was relatively unknown when the King James Version was translated, so that translation is not very accurate. With the discovery of the papyri and the Dead Sea Scrolls, much has been learned about Patristic Greek.

There are 5 views as to who wrote the book:

1. Calvin and others believed Luke wrote it. But there is too much Jewish background in it for it to have been written by a Gentile and Luke was a Gentile.

2. Some say it was Clement of Rome. Again, though he was a Gentile. Origin says it had Paul's thought and Clement wrote it.

3. Barnabas was a Levite with a good Jewish background. He is still a leading contender today.

4. Martin Luther thought Apollos wrote Hebrews.

5. RBT does not believe Paul wrote it. Paul usually did not omit his name and the style of Hebrews is too smooth and literary a Greek for Paul.

This epistle was written to the believers in Jerusalem. In 70 AD, the Jews would go under the 5th cycle of discipline and the city would be sacked by Rome. 1.9 million Jews die horrible deaths. 190,000 survivors go into slavery. The city was very legalistic and missing the point of Grace. This epistle was written to awaken the apostate believers.

Chapter 1
{Verses 1-4 Jesus Christ as the Victor of the Angelic Conflict}
1-2~~In many parts {of the Old Testament Jesus is revealed} and
in many different ways of old {Jesus was revealed in different ways}
The God having spoken/communicated to the fathers {Jewish leaders of old}
by means of the prophets . . . 2~~
has in these last days {from the cross on} spoken/communicated to us
by a unique SON . . . Whom {Jesus} He {God the Father} has appointed/decreed heir and
possessor of all things {as victor of the Angelic conflict, He inherits everything}
by Whom {Jesus} also
He {God the Father} designed/arranged the ages/dispensations {divine outline of history - the key came first . . . Jesus Christ . . . THEN came the Lock - history!}.

{Note: Jesus was well identified in the Old Testament Scriptures. God the Father, the author of the divine plan revealed his plan and the Messiah's part of that plan in the Old Testament by means of the prophets. For the rest of history, God has revealed Himself through the Incarnate Christ. The New Testament is the revelation of the Incarnate Christ. In the Old Testament, Jesus always revealed Himself as God.}

3~~Who {Jesus} . . . always being and always will be
the effulgence/radiance/'shining forth' {apaugasma} of the glory, and
the exact image {charakter} of His essence/substance/person {hupostasis}, and
constantly sustaining the all things {the entire Universe}
by the verbal expression of His {Jesus'} inherent power
having Himself {Jesus} accomplished purification of sins . . . ours {ALL sins were judged believers and unbelievers alike -unlimited atonement} . . .
He {Jesus} was caused to sit down
on the right hand side {side of honor} of the Majesty {megalosune}
on the Highest Places {in the third heaven}.

{Note: Apaugasma is a great, reflected light. It means to view in the clearest possible light - effulgence. Radiance is close to the meaning.}

{Note: Doxa does mean glory. As the 'heir', God the Father gave Jesus Christ all the 'glory' {doxa}. Sometimes 'glory' is defined as the 'essence' of God and that is close to the meaning here.}

{Note: Charakter is the Greek word from which we get the word character. It began meaning an engraving tool. With the tool, you make an impression. Jesus Christ is the tool that makes an impression on sinful man.}

{Note: Hupostasis is the word from which the Hypostatic Union of Christ is taken. It means His humanity 'stands under' His deity. True man, yet also true deity in one unique person.}

{Note: Megalosune is a periphrastic (sp) meaning Majesty. A periphrastic means to use a longer word when a shorter word would do. What is being implied in the Greek is there are no words to describe how great this really is! But if we must use words, then let's quote from the Old Testament - and that leads to verses 5-13.}

4~~By so much {ascension and session of Jesus Christ},
having become more prominent/superior than angels {ablative plural of comparison - meaning He is more superior than ALL the angles COMBINED}
by so much He has inherited a more superior reputation
by the side of them {better in His Person AND in His Reputation}.

{SideNote: The following quotes were taken from the Greek of the Septuagint (LXX)}

{Verses 5- 13 - Seven Old Testament Document of Superiority of Christ to Angels}
5~~For to which of the angels did He {God the Father} say at any time {2 rhetorical questions},
"Son of Mine . . . are You . . . this day have I begotten You {Psalms 2:7}?"
And again {to which of the angels did He say},
"I will be to Him {and only to Him}. . . for a Father . . . and
He Himself shall be to Me . . . for a Son {II Samuel 7:14}? "

{3rd Old Testament Documentation on the Superiority of Christ}
6~~But, on the occasion when He {God the Father} again
introduces {2nd Advent} the Firstborn {Jesus} to the civilized world {inhabited earth},
He {God the Father} says,
"ALL angels of God . . . worship {proskuneo} Him {Jesus Christ} {Psalms 97:7}."

{Note: Proskuneo translated worship is correct. Actually the word means to 'kiss face to face Him' which does mean to worship.}

{4th Old Testament Documentation on the Superiority of Christ}
7~~And face to face with the angels He says,
"The One making His angels . . . {as} spirits
{Jesus Christ created the angels and when He did he made them spirits in essence} and
His scared servants . . . a flame of fire {Psalms 104:4}."

{Note: Jesus Christ created all. When He created the angels in both life and function, He made them have the essence of a spirit and He also gave them their purpose. One of which is to administer judgment and divine discipline - the flame of fire.}

{5th Old Testament Documentation on the Superiority of Christ}
8~~But face to face with the Son {Father to the Son},
"Your throne, O' God, is forever and ever and ever {literally 'unto the ages of the ages'} and
the scepter {a symbol of authority} of establishment/straightness {laws of divine establishment- euthutes} is the scepter of Your kingdom {Psalms 45: 6}."

{Note: Euthutes does not mean righteousness. It means straightness. It is 'straight' in that it is the perfect standard of laws of establishment.}

9~~You {Jesus} have loved {agapao} righteousness/justice {dikaiosune} and
hated lawlessness {anti-establishment and rejection of authority}.
Because of this The God {God the Father}, has
appointed/commissioned You {Jesus Christ in His Humanity}
with the oil of Ultra-Happiness {agalliasis}
above and beyond Your {angelic} associates {angels associated with Christ in context here} {Psalms 45: 7}.

{Note: Agapao is divine love and this is the highest form of love. Dikaiosune means the 'total fulfillment of your spiritual maturity'. Reaching and understanding the highest levels of justice and righteousness . . . based on the Word of God. And, agalliasis is the Greek word for the highest levels of happiness - Super happiness or Ultra-happiness.}

{6th Old Testament Documentation on the Superiority of Christ}
10~~And {continuing}, You . . . and only You . . .
with reference to the beginnings {arche} Oh Lord {another title of deity - Christ}
the earth you have founded and
the heavens . . . {are} the works of Your hands {Psalm 102: 25}.

{Note: Arche meaning beginning is in the plural so means beginnings. The creation of the heaven and earth was one beginning, the creation of angels was another, and the creation of man a third . . . to mention a few of the beginnings that Jesus Christ created.}

11-12~~They {the heavens and the abode of the angels} themselves shall receive destruction;
but You {Jesus Christ} and emphatically YOU REMAIN UNCHANGED and they {the heavens} shall all be superseded
like a cloak/garment . . . 12~~ and
as a robe/mantle/vesture {like a toga - a sheet wrapped around the body elegantly}
You {Jesus} shall fold them up, and
they {the heavens} shall be changed/replaced but, in contrast,
You keep on being the same, and
Your years shall not come to an end. {Psalm 102: 26-27}

{Climax of the documentation}
13~~But face to face with which of the angels has He {God the Father} said at any time,
"Sit down on my right hand side {side of honor},
until I {God the Father} appoint/constitute
Your {Jesus} enemies {Satan and the fallen angels} the footstool
of your foot {sign of conquest in the ancient world}?" {Psalms 110: 1}

{Verses 14 - Result of Superiority of Christ to Angels to the Priesthood}
14~~Are not they all {the elect angels} subordinate servants . . .
spirits sent into action for the purpose of ministry . . .
because of them {believers} being about to inherit deliverance {from Satan's world}?

{Note: This says that though angels are now higher than humans, their purpose now is to minister to us - as we are ambassadors for Christ - and will happily continue to serve the Body of Christ in eternity future.}


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