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This is the book of the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah held the office of prophet. He is a product of grace. He was gregarious and he loved his friends. But in his ministry he foretold how the Jewish and Gentile nations would be ripped down and torn apart.

His name means 'the one who the Lord stabilizes'. He is from the tribe of Levi and in the line of priests. He lived in Anathoth 5 miles North of Jerusalem in a very tough area - the land of Benjamin.

Jeremiah administered in the rule of Josiah. Josiah was the last great king in Judea. Jeremiah had a ministry under 5 kings of the kingdom of Judea (Josiah, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah, and then also Nebuchadnezzar). His ministry in the land was 40 years from 626 BC to 586BC.

Throughout the book of Jeremiah, category II love - Right Man (RM) and Right Woman (RW) are used in an analogy to category I love - between God and believers. The original RW to God as RM was the nation of Israel.

Chapter 1
{Introduction to the Book}
1~~Words {emphasis on content}
of Jeremiah {name means 'the one who the Lord stabilizes'}
 the son of Hilkiah,
of the priests that were in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin.

{Ministry in the Land Begins}
2~~To whom the word of the Jehovah/God
came in the days of Josiah
the son of Amon king of Judah,
in the thirteenth year of his reign {626 BC}.

{Ministry in the Land Ends}
3~~ It came also in the days
of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah,
unto the end of the eleventh year of Zedekiah {586BC}
the son of Josiah king of Judah,
unto the carrying away of Jerusalem captive in the fifth month
  {Jerusalem fell
  and the Jews went out under the 5th cycle of discipline}.

{Verses 4-9: Call of Jeremiah the Prophet}
4-5~~Then the word of the Jehovah/God
came unto me, saying, 5~~
" 'Not yet' {prior to when} I had formed {yatsar} you
I discerned/knew you {in eternity past} in the belly
And before you came forth {yatsa} out of the womb,
I 'set apart'/consecrated you,
and I gave you {the spiritual gift of being} a prophet
unto the nations {Jews and Gentile nations}."

{Note: God discerned all of us in eternity past - omniscience. He knew Jeremiah and assigned him his spiritual gift of prophet billions of years before he was in the womb and before he was born as a human - Jeremiah did not earn it or deserve it - just like all of us.}

6~~Then said I,
"Ah, 'Adonay/Lord Jehovah/God!
behold, I do not know how to speak intensively
{like a prophet does} . . .
for I am 'young and inexperienced'."

7~~But Jehovah/God said unto me,
"Shut up (!) about being 'young and inexperienced'
for you shall go to all
that I shall 'send you with a message',
and whatsoever I {God} command you,
you shall speak!"

{Jeremiah Became One of the Most Fearless
  Teachers of Doctrine Ever}
8~~ "Be not afraid of their faces.
For I am with you . . .
to deliver {to snatch from a terrible danger} you," said Jehovah/God.

{Note: The majority of Jeremiah's audience is very negative to God and doctrine.}

9~~Then the Jehovah/God put forth His hand,
and touched my mouth.
And the Jehovah/God said unto me,
"Behold, I have put My words in your mouth."

{Worldwide Impact of Jeremiah's Ministry - And Aspects of His Ministry}
10~~See/study/'meditate on this',
For I have this day {the day of Jeremiah's consecration in 626BC}
caused you to be in charge {spiritually}
over the nations {gentile nations}
and over the kingdoms {5 kings in Judea},
to pluck out/'root out' {how the Jewish nation will be destroyed},
and to pull down {destruction of the temple - against 'religion'},
and to destroy {destruction of 9 great gentile nations},
and to lacerate {bruised but intact - Jewish remnant/survivors},
to build {banah}
  {communication of doctrine to positive believers -
  building Edification Complexes of the Soul},
and to plant {spread doctrine to the scattered Jews under the 5th cycle of discipline}.

11~~Moreover the word of the Jehovah/God
kept on coming to me, saying,
"Jeremiah, what are you studying/seeing? "
And I said, "I keep on studying/seeing
a sprout of an almond tree {its theoretical significance}."

{Note: The 'almond tree' is the Hebrew word 'shaqed' which means the 'alert tree'. It was named alertness because the almond is the tree that sprouts its fruit first. So the noun is a derivative of the verb meaning alert. Jeremiah will be the first prophet to alert the nation to the fact it is destroying itself.}

12~~Then said the Jehovah/God unto me,
"You have done very well to study
  {a communicator of the Word must study}.
For I will keep watch over My Word to construct {`asah} it."

{Note: When he prophesizes what God tells him to, God will faithfully make happen.}

13~~And the word of the Jehovah/God
came unto Me the second time, saying,
"What are you studying/seeing?"
And I said, "I am studying a boiling pot
  {message of the people going soft - peace movement}.
And it is facing from the north."

{Note there were two parties - pro-Egypt and pro-Chaldea. The pro-Egypt party was the liberal group. They liked to worship idols like the Egyptians did. In contrast, Jeremiah was conservative and headed the pro-Chaldea party. This party was pro-doctrine and pro-Jehovah.}

14~~Then the Jehovah/God said unto me,
"Out of the north an evil shall be released
  {not held back by God - 5th cycle of discipline}
upon all the inhabitants of the land."

{Note: The invasion will come from the North - from Chaldea. Actually they are to the East of Judea, but to get to Judea, the Chaldeans have to go North and then attack from the North. Nebuchadnezzar will enter Judea three separate times.}

15~~"For, lo, I will call upon all the clans
of the kingdoms . . .
out of north they shall come {Chaldeans had 5 clans},"
said the Jehovah/God,
"and they shall set every one
his throne at the entering of the gates of Jerusalem,
and against all the walls thereof round about,
and against all the cities of Judah."

{Note: The Chaldeans would pillage and destroy towns but leave the gates standing. The troops would have a senior officer at each gate and he would say what should happen to the captives in the town - death or slavery. Psalm 119 tells us of the death march that followed the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah and those he indicated as believers were liberated by the Chaldeans.}

{Jeremiah the Communicator of God's Judgments}
16~~"And I will utter my judgments {intensive message}
against them touching all their wickedness,
who have forsaken Me {God - negative volition to God and idolatry},
and have burned incense unto other gods,
and worshipped the works of their own hands."

17~~"You therefore 'get ready for action'
  {idiom - literally 'gird up your loins' meaning tuck robe into your belt
  before battle - here means study, study and study},
and arise, and speak unto them
all that I command you {follow God's instructions}.
Do not 'fall apart'/'be weak'
at their faces {negative attitudes of hearers},
with the negative result that I do not cause you {Jeremiah}
to break down before them."

{Note: He must communicate God's Word and forget the response of the audience - that is not the important part. 'God is not a respecter of persons'. What the sheep THINK about the sermon is not at all important - get your message from God/from God's Word today.}

{Prophet's Body Guard - a Promise from God}
18~~"For, behold, I make you this day
a fortified city {same as God's wall of fire},
and an iron pillar {protected from all storms of life},
and brass walls {a weapon proof wall of the day}
against the whole land {almost everyone will be down on Jeremiah},
against the kings of Judah,
against the princes thereof {rulers under the kings},
against the priests thereof,
and against the people of the land."

19~~"And they shall 'fight to kill' against you.
But they shall not be permitted to overcome you.
For I am with you,"
said the Jehovah/God,
"to cause you to be rescued/delivered {snatch from downing}."