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The book of Job is probably the oldest book of the bible. The language of Job can be classified as 'archaic Hebrew'. It is not the Hebrew of the rest of the bible. And, it is interspersed with Arabic expressions.

From Hebrew A comes three languages - Hebrew B (language of the rest of the bible) and Arabic and some Chaldean (found in part of Daniel) which is now called Ar-a-may-an. The book of Job is 'chakmah literature' or 'wisdom literature' - along with three other books - Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Job was a Semitic and if there were Arabs, he would have been classified an Arab. It was probably written during the 400 years that the Jews were in Egypt (1876 - 1440 BC. The book of Job is a book of 'evidence testing' for all races of people.

The book of Job is written as a report of a third hand observer. One who listened to what Job said and also listen to what his friends said. RBT says he thinks Elihu was probably the author (see Job 32:2 for more on Elihu). Job is written in prose (chapters 1 and 2; the end 42:7-17) and in poetry (the rest is fantastically difficult poetry).

Chapter 1
{Chapters 1-2: Administration of Evidence Testing}
{Part I - Chapter 1 - Loss of Prosperity}
{Verse 1: Job's Spiritual Prosperity}
1~~In the land of Uz
  {Northern Arabia bordering on Edom},
there lived a man whose name was Job.
This man 'was blameless'/'had integrity' {tam}
  {spiritually mature believer}
and righteous/upright {yashar}
  {gone through the three stages of spiritual adulthood to maturity},
and was in awe/'respected the authority of'/
feared {yare'} 'Elohiym/Godhead
  {means is a spiritually mature person occupied with God - personal
  love for God},
and shunned evil
  {he was not sinless, but he avoided 'evil' - both moral and immoral

{Note: This does not mean Job was 'perfect'. He had an old sin nature just like the rest of us. It means that he loved God and tried to 'Walk in the Righteous Way' of God the best he could.}

{Part of Job's Escrow Blessings as a Mature Believer - Family Prosperity}
2~~And he {Job} had seven sons and three daughters.

{Note: In this day, the more children you had, the greater was your wealth and prosperity.}

{Part of Job's Escrow Blessings as a Mature Believer - Material Prosperity}
3~~His substance/wealth included seven thousand sheep,
and three thousand camels,
and five hundred yoke of oxen,
and five hundred she-asses {'athown},
and a very great household/'household employees';
so that this man {Job}
was the greatest {man} of all the men of the east
  {located in that large area of land we call Arabia today}.

{Note: This predated money. Money is in terms of sheep etc.}

{Verses 4-5: Part of Job's Escrow Blessings as a Mature Believer - Personal Prosperity}
4~~And his sons took turns
  {idiom: literally 'every one in his day'}
throwing 'dinner parties'/feasted in their houses.And sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them.

{Note: This means Job's children are adults. They take turns throwing dinner parties for the entire family. This is a picture of a very harmonious family.}

5~~And when it was that
the days of their feasting/'family dinners' had run its course,
Job would send and have them purified
and rose up early in the morning,
and offered burnt offerings
for each of them.
For Job thought,
"It may be that my sons have sinned,
and cursed 'Elohiym/Godhead in their hearts/'right lobes'.
Thus did Job continually.

{Note: Later on we may deduce the children were involved in evil. But up to now, we only know that they are normal and happy siblings - with old sin natures like all of us.}

{Verses 6-10: Background for Job's Evidence Testing Revealed to the Human Author of the Book}
6~~Now there was a day
when the 'sons of gods/elohiym' {title for angels}
came to present themselves before Jehovah/God,
and Satan came also among them.

{Note: Introduction to the angelic conflict. The trial of Satan and the other fallen angels before God. This is the convocation of the Heavenly Court. We learn from other books, that Satan was the most beautiful, intelligent angel ever created by God. He was of Cherub rank and a thousand times greater than any of the other angels. After an unspecified period of time, the approbation lust got to him. He listened to the compliments given to him and said, "I will make myself like the Most High. This was the first sin - arrogance. Satan revolted against God and certain angels joined in the revolt. The revolt was put down and Satan and his fallen angels were condemned to a lake of fire forever. Apparently, Satan appealed the sentence saying the judgment was not fair. God decided to prove to him and all the angels that his arrogance came from his own free will and created lesser creatures - humans - with free will also. These humans would prove that some would follow God and others would not - of their own free will. Therefore, the sentence of the lake of fire was fair and just.}

{Arrogance of Satan}
7~~And Jehovah/God said unto Satan,
"From where do you come?"
Then Satan answered Jehovah/God, and said,
"From roaming on the earth . . .
going to and fro in it."

{Note: This verse shows that Satan is still arrogant. When Adam fell, Satan recovered the rulership of the earth. He is going to 'prove' to God that he can rule the earth as well as God could ('make himself like the Most High'). God put Adam in charge of the earth, but Satan recovered its rule (before his fall - the earth apparently was his headquarters and Satan's playground). Apparently, God closed up Satan's headquarters with a pack of ice. God melted part of the ice pack when God restored the earth in seven days for Adam and Eve.}

{Divine Testimony Concerning Job}
8~~And Jehovah/God said unto Satan,
"Have you considered my servant/slave {`ebed} Job,
that there is none like him in the earth,
he is 'blameless'/'with integrity' {tam}
  {spiritually mature believer}
and righteous/upright {yashar} one,
one that has 'total respect for the authority of'/fears/
'loves 'Elohiym/Godhead,
and shuns evil?"

{Note: From Ezekiel 14:12 and following, we see that Noah, Daniel and Job were three of the greatest believers of the Old Testament times.}

{Satan's Jaded Theory}
9~~Then Satan answered the Jehovah/God, and said,
"Does Job love/respect 'Elohiym/Godhead . . . for nothing?"

{Note: Satan is saying Job loves and respects God only because God has blessed him more than any other human being on earth.}

10~~"Have You not made an hedge about him,
and about his house,
and about all that he has on every side?
  {referring to the protection of God against Satan and his forces}
You have blessed the work of his hands,
and 'has prospered financially'/'his substance is increased'
in the land."

11~~"Stretch out Your hand,
and destroy/touch all that he has,
and he will surely curse You to Your face."

{Note: Satan is saying Job is a phony. Job is a self-righteous, 'religious' type. He has 'learned the trick' on how to get on God's right side. Take away the blessings You have given him and he will despise you.}

12~~Then Jehovah/God said unto Satan,
"Behold, everything that he has is in Your power;
only upon himself do not stretch out your hand."

So Satan went forth from the presence of Jehovah/God.

{Note: God said ok, take all that Job has but do not kill Job. This will be evidence testing for Job. The spiritually mature believer receives evidence testing at the peak of their spiritual life.}

{Job's Accumulated Pressure - with Short Intervals Inbetween}
13-15~~One day when his sons and his daughters
were feasting/eating and drinking wine
in their eldest brother's house 14~~
a messenger came to Job, and said,
"The oxen were plowing, and the asses grazing beside them 15~~
and the Sabeans {SeaPirates/Bandits from the Yemen area today}
attacked them, and took them {the animals} away.
Yes, they have killed the servants {Job's foreman and men}
with the edge of the sword;
and I only have escaped alone to tell you."

{Great Electrical Storm}
16~~While he was still speaking,
there came also another {messenger}, and said,
"The fire of 'Elohiym/Godhead is fallen from the sky/heaven,
and has burned up the sheep, and the servants, and consumed them;
and I only have escaped alone to tell you."

17~~While he was still speaking,
there came also another {messenger}, and said,
"The Chaldeans {at this time, from North East Arabia}
made out three 'raiding parties',
and fell upon the camels,
and have carried them away.
Yes, and slain the servants with the edge of the sword;
and I only have escaped alone to tell you."

18-19~~While he was still speaking,
there came also another {messenger}, and said,
"Your sons and your daughters were eating and drinking wine
 in their eldest brother's house 19~~
and, behold, there came a great wind {perhaps a tornado}
from the desert,
and struck the four corners of the house,
and it collapsed upon the young men, and they are dead.
And I only have escaped alone to tell you."

20~~Then Job arose, and rent his robe and shaved his head
  {customs of the day to do in extreme grief},
and fell down upon the ground,
and worshipped, 21~~
and said,
"Naked I came from my mother's womb,
and naked shall I depart {from this life} {shuwb}.

Jehovah/God gave me these things,
and Jehovah/God has taken them away.

The Name/Person of Jehovah/God be praised
  {Job passed this first test 100%}."

22~~In all this Job sinned not {chata'},
nor charged/gave {nathan}
'Elohiym/Godhead foolishly {tiphlah}.